Security Policies

Globex Tours is a virtual platform dedicated to promote and market touristic services of third parties in the Dominican Republic with settlement in Bávaro Punta Cana.

In the text that follows, the terms Globex, Globex Tours, Us & Ours, as well as an expression that denotes the use of a verb conjugated in the first person of the plural, will refer to Globex Tours and/or Globex Servicios Turísticos, SRL: meanwhile, the terms You, The User & The Clients, will refer exclusively to the user who visits this website

Reception & Management of the Data That Requested By This Website

Globex may require from you the following information in the process of hiring any of the services available on our platform:

  • Last names and first names
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number (WhatsApp)
  • Health condition (allergies or other condition) in services involving food and beverages.
  • Credit card information to pay

The information obtained through the editable fields of this web platform are received by Globex Servicios Turísticos, SRL, an entity duly constituted according to the laws that regulate the Limited Liability Companies of its class in the Tourism sector, whose address is in the local 16-B1 of the Plaza Bávaro Boulevard Center, located on Boulevard Tourístico del Este Avenue, Bávaro Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

The data related to the user’s name and contacts will be used exclusively to guarantee the quality of the service we provide to the user, by offering useful information about the contracted services. Unless specified by the user, he will not receive promotional information from Globex in any case.

The credit card data of our customers are NOT retained, archived or stored in any way by our platform, except for the last 4 digits thereof and only during the time required by our operations.

According to our internal regulations, no Globex personnel shall request, suggest or demand that you share your credit card or bank account information by any means, mail, social network, telephone or other.

Globex Tours encourages all users to shy away from sharing financial information with our staff, adhering to the framework of Law No. 172-13 which aims to fully protect personal data stored in files, public records, data banks or other technical means of processing data intended to give reports, whether public or private, as well as ensuring that the right to honor and privacy of individuals is not injured, and also to facilitate access to information about them that is recorded, in accordance with the provisions of Article 44 of the Constitution of the Dominican Republic.

Tips For User Safety

When entering, it should be shown approximately during a second while loading the website, the security seal shown below, which indicates that our platform is a secure and constantly monitored site to guarantee an experience free of unwanted situations for our users.

Globex Protocol

Globex Tours DOES NOT require information such as passwords, physical address, credit or debit card numbers, account numbers or any other of the same nature; therefore, in case of any similar request that you receive on our behalf, we recommend contacting us or investigating the origin of the said request.