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Globex Tours is a virtual platform dedicated to promote and market touristic services of third parties in the Dominican Republic with settlement in Bávaro Punta Cana.

In the text that follows, the terms Globex, Globex Tours, Us & Ours, as well as any expression that denotes the use of a verb conjugated in the first person of the plural, will refer to Globex Tours and/or Globex Servicios Turísticos, SRL: meanwhile, the terms You, The User & The Clients, will refer exclusively to the user who visits this website

Globex Tours, as a virtual platform that retains certain data in its interaction with you, takes the protection and proper use of them very seriously, since we fully understand that the trust you place in our services is today and will always be our most important ASSET.

We protect your information through a Security Certificate that uses the encryption of AES-256, which is used, among other places, in SSL / TLS on the Internet. This encryption is considered among the main ciphers of the virtual universe since, in theory, it is not crackable thanks to its massive key combinations.

Use of Information

Next, we explain the use we give to the information you share through our website.

Names and surnames

We use your name and surname to distinguish you guarantee the service in a personalized way.

E-mail address

Your email is used to send you your confirmation ticket and any other complementary documentation to the service, as well as menus in the case of restaurants, forms in the case of car rental, among others.

Phone number (Whatsapp)

We require your phone number because it is the most direct and effective way of communicating with you in operational situations that we must inform you of and, as a result, we need to keep in touch with you, for example:

  1. Notify you of the possible delay of a transportation service.
  2. Notify you of the cancellation of an excursion due to weather conditions.
  3. Notify you of any unforeseen event whose importance merits your immediate knowledge.

Health condition

To ensure the quality of our service, when reserving restaurants, we require you to indicate if you are allergic to any ingredient or food, so we must inform the establishment for your caution.

Credit Card

The system or gateway of charges installed on our website, like any other, requires some data from your credit card to carry out the automated collection for the services provided.

Cookies Policies

Currently, Globex Tours do not use technology specialized in the search for additional information about the preferences and others of the user called Cookies. However, in its configuration, our platform uses third-party tools whose implementation of Cookies is not under our control.

Given this situation, we want to collaborate with expanded information about what Cookies are, how they work and how to completely disable or manage the content to which you wish to allow them access.

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Globex Tours is not responsible for the operation of Cookies or other search engines that may access your data from third-party websites through our website.